My name is McKenzie Leigh Comfort.  I was born with the gene of entrepreneurship, and since I was a child the trait has laced my blood and dictated my lifestyle.  From going door to door selling rollie pollies, to running a neighborhood snow-cone stand chain, to launching a clothing line at the age of 18, to running the marketing firm that I do now- there’s never been a doubt in my mind that entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of who I am.  It’s my oxygen.  It gives me life, and in return, I give it all that I can back.  I love anything that gets me out of my comfort zone, and I thrive off of connection and intimacy with others.  I can’t explain how, but somewhere deep inside of me, I know that I was put on this Earth to make it better.  So my daily goal- for every day of my life- is to work towards becoming the best version of myself possible.  I fail all the time.  It’s awesome.  But I want to help other people become the best versions of themselves as well.  You’ll always catch me betting on the underdog and I thrive the most when that underdog is me.  If you don’t know my name now, one day you will.

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