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Day #12 Of Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone: Make-Up Free, Filter-Free selfie.

Anyone who grew up with me knows that, middle school through COLLEGE, I had pretty bad skin issues. I tried every skin care product on the market, from Acutain to Proactive- and nothing really helped. I spent those 10 years imagining that IF ONLY my skin was clearer or my hair softer or my stomach flatter, then essentially none of the problems I had then would exist or matter.

Ten years later, I’ve grown out of my acne. I’m finally happy with my hair, and my weight is healthy. And all of the problems I thought would go away? They’re still there. Girls STILL make mean comments (a random number texted my boyfriend last year and said they think I’m ugly?). I STILL have days where I don’t feel good about myself. There are STILL things I wish were better.
What I understand now is that, there will never be a certain point where my problems just go away. Not a point in my career or a dollar amount in my bank account or a number of friends on my friends list. However, I’ve learned to understand what problems are worth my energy, and which ones aren’t. If someone else has a problem with me, this is not my problem, it is only there’s. And when it comes to my problems, I try and keep the perspective that, no matter what, I’ll get through it. Whether it’s one day from now or one year or maybe even ten, if you do the right things, eventually your problems take care of themselves.


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