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Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 

Thinking Like A Millionaire

Those who are elite in their field of choice share many common traits, regardless of how diverse their personal passions may be, but the characteristics that set the elite apart from the greatest – the idols – is a list that’s much shorter.  Among work ethic, passion and hunger, there is another not-as-common trait that all of those who are truly elite share. This trait is unique because it does not have to be something that you are born with.  It’s not in your blood. It’s not in your veins.  There are very few, if any, who are naturally better at it that others.  It is a trait that is manifested only through intention and perfected only through practice: The ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

It sounds odd, at first.  To many, it may seem unnecessary.  Random.  Trivial.  When in fact, it is fundamental.  It is a rudimentary part…

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