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The Catalyst Mantra

“I see how things are and dream, wide-eyed, of how things could be. I cherish innovation as a noble purpose. While politicians pander, bureaucrats bully, and academics theorize, I relentlessly produce. The status quo is my enemy. I suspect tradition, reject conformity, loathe mediocrity. I am proud to be a pioneer, renegade, idealist, visionary. I do not sell out to safety nets and benefits. Time clocks make me shudder. I refuse to play by rules imposed by others. I believe that that riskiest life is playing it safe. I will always bet my money on guts over brains, tenacity over talent. I do not take counsel from my fears. Life’s only guarantee is my freedom to choose my responses to circumstances. Shoulders squared and head held high, I boldly choose the risk of freedom over the certain bondage of security. I am an entrepreneur and it is my intention to create. I am the master of my fate. I am the architect of my empire. I am the author of my legacy. And everyday I vow to help others find themselves as I create my own masterpiece.”


Serial Entrepreneur and Everyday Visionary. You'll always catch me betting on the underdog.

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